Exploring Environmental Art: Garden Photography

This is part of a series where I explore interesting pieces of environmental art

As a recreational gardener and landscaper around my home, I’ve been enjoying unique photographs of gardens and landscapes. I would classify this niche of photography as environmental art. They show a unique perspective on the use of the land by man. (Not The Man, but man.) The photographs encourage people to “take in the outdoors”. If they, or any garden photography, interest you, inspire you to grow a vegetable garden, take a closer look at plants, or merely help you appreciate the beauty of being outside, then they’ve done their part as environmental art.

After some research I discovered that garden photography has a niche within the field of photography. A couple organizations that caught my eye are the Professional Garden Photographers’ Association and the International Garden Photographer of the Year. So I’m not breaking new ground by recognizing it. It does deserve recognition as environmental art.


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