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NREL Wind Technology Center – The kind of thing a curious environmental professional can’t overlook.

First, welcome to any new readers. I hope you found the article or information you were searching. Second, thank you to all the new and repeat readers. I’m continually awed that these stories get read and re-read. I hope you have been informed, enlightened, inspired and/or entertained. Finally, since the blog recently turned 2 I thought I would provide a quick-look refresher on what it’s all about. And that is the Environmental Professional Lifestyle.

  • I work as an environmental professional and use this blog to tell stories through the eyes of an environmental professional.
  • My favorite part of the blog are the Profiles. This is where I interview other environmental pros about their work-life balance. It’s fascinating to hear the similarities and various stories of what inspires people to work in this field.
  • I try to post monthly or whenever something inspires. I do have an everyday job, and a personal life, so it’s not everyday. So check back monthly to see what’s new.
  • Follow along on Twitter @NatEnvPro for a more frequent, daily, look at the environmental world.
  • A few of my favorite topics here have been the environment of beer, food, hazardous material and waste management, and environmental art.
  • If you have a good environmental story to tell, I’d like to hear about it and share it.