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The Toxic Animas River

You’ve seen the orange yellow water. It’s diluted downstream. But do you know what toxins were actually released in the Animas River? What are the hazards of this contamination? Here’s a look at the Toxic Animas River.

Although the metals will dilute downstream, they are heavy metals. That means much of it has settled on the bottom of the river and/or attached to organic matter. That’s good. The settled metals will be covered over by more river sediment, which reduces exposure. That’s bad. They’re still in there, exposed to the water and can be kicked up. Continue reading

What You Need to Know About Arsenic in Wine

IMG_0666An independent laboratory, BeverageGrades, sampled over 1,300 wines for arsenic levels. 83 wines from 28 wineries in California had high levels of arsenic. Some of them were 4 to 5 times the Environmental Protection Agencies acceptable levels for arsenic in drinking water, 10 ppb. The wines with the higher concentrations were the cheaper California wines. Here is the list of wines found to have high arsenic levels.

Why is there arsenic in wine? Continue reading