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Snake River Plain & Craters of the Moon: A Drive By

Craters of the Moon National Monument in winter.

Craters of the Moon National Monument in winter.

I droveĀ from Helena, Montana to Boise, Idaho to get between work locations. It was one of the longest drives I’ve ever made between two job sites. The drive is beautiful, through the mountains south of Butte, MT and then west hugging the mountains along the north side of the Snake River Plain. I added a short stop to see Craters of the Moon National Monument. This is not an every day drive. Most people will never make the drive across southern Idaho. I’ll probably never do it again. That’s why I wanted to highlight it. Below is a photo tour of the drive with a brief discussion of the geology of the Snake River Plain and Craters of the Moon. Continue reading

Glenwood Canyon Geology: A Drive By

Glenwood Canyon

Entering Glenwood Canyon from the east.

Driving on I-70 through Colorado is beautiful. From Denver to Vail the drive through the mountains is spectacular. You go over two 10,000+ ft mountain passes – the Continental Divide and Vail Pass. Then there’s a big change. The geography and geology transform drastically as you approach Glenwood Canyon. Even if you have no interest in geology or physiographic provinces, it’s a fun, cool drive. Here’s the drive-by look at the geography and geology of the canyon. “Layman’s terms. None of that inside bs jargon.Continue reading