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The World’s First Fully Solar-Powered Beer Fest

img_9450I had the pleasure to attend, and sample, a very fun beer fest in Grand Lake, CO. It was part of the Spirit of the Lake Regatta and Grand Lake Brewfest, Aug 13, 2016. Finding a beer fest during a vacation is good enough. Then I saw that it was a fundraiser for youth outdoor environmental education programs. It also claimed to be the worlds’ first fully solar-powered beer fest. Even the live band was powered by solar panels. Hosted by Infinite West, it was a net-zero, zero waste event that was the perfect example of the environment of beer! Continue reading

Environment of Beer: Coors Brewery Tour

Coors Brewery, Golden, COThe Coors Brewery Tour is known for 2 things: 1) seeing behind the scenes of the iconic brewery in Golden, CO, and 2) the free beer in the Tasting Room. But there are several environmental related topics presented throughout the tour. I’ve highlighted several of them here, along with some information from the MillerCoors Sustainability and Environmental Stewardship pages. I’ve toured several breweries. Each time I’m reminded of the industrial process involved in brewing and packaging. So I also have on my CHMM-hat looking the environmental, health, and safety of the brewery. Continue reading

Environment of the Bolder Boulder

The Bolder Boulder finishes inside Folsom Field.

The Bolder Boulder finishes inside Folsom Field under the scenic Flatirons.

There are running races held each weekend around the country from early spring through Thanksgiving. Very few, if any of them have 50,000 runners, 70,000 spectators, and run through an environmentally conscious town. The Bolder Boulder 10K is that race. Most races are small and don’t have to consider their environmental impact. Bringing 100,000 people into a town of 100,000 people for a running race will certainly have an environmental impact. What is that impact? What is the environment of the Bolder Boulder? Continue reading

An Environmentally Friendly Star Wars Rebels

The Purrgil in Star Wars Rebels. Image via StarWars.com.

The Purrgil in Star Wars Rebels. Image via StarWars.com.

Star Wars Rebels season 2, episode 15, “The Call”, is based on an environmental story that’s been told over and over. Don’t underestimate nature. Trust nature. Embrace nature, natural process, and it’s beings. If you do, you can use nature to your advantage, you’ll succeed, and/or you’ll be fulfilled. It’s a theme that countless popular movies, books, and shows have explored. Avatar, The Lorax, The Lion King, Finding Nemo, WALL-E, Pocahontas, or nearly any nature-themed Disney movie. For a show about a group of misfit Rebels trying to defeat the evil Empire, the Rebels come across as “Environmentalists” in this episode.

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Don’t Be Afraid of the Environment

air pollution

Emissions from a sugar factory. Yes, a sugar factory

While teaching a recent environmental training course, I found it hard to paint of pretty picture of the environment. The course was about incorporating environmental considerations into your projects and decisions. It was a broader look at the topic than just NEPA. Most of the attendees didn’t have any formal environmental background or training. That is where, I think, the problems came up. After a few hours I eventually had to say, “Don’t be afraid of the environment.” Continue reading

“The One You Feed” Applied To Environmental Professionals

Logo for The One You Feed podcast.

Logo for The One You Feed podcast.

I’ve been enjoying the podcast, The One You Feed, which is described as, “Conversations about creating a life worth living.” The episodes are either interviews with interesting and inspiring people or mini episodes, both of which offer advice and insight on how to live a more positive, constructive life. You can apply the topics and inspiration to your daily mindset, health and fitness, and/or work. After listening to several episodes, I started finding parallels in the stories to the work and life of an environmental professional. Continue reading

“The Power of Habit” Applied to Healthy Facilities

The Power of HabitOne story in The Power of Habit: Why We Do What We Do in Life and Business, by Charles Duhigg, opened my eyes to how much of my work over the past 15 years has been trying to break a habit loop.That is the story of former Alcoa CEO, Paul O’Neill, who improved the entire company focusing only on the keystone habit of safe work practices. I’ve been doing something similar in my job without understanding the science behind it.

The Power of Habit is bestseller is about how our lives, work, and social patterns are driven by habits. Duhigg describes how we can change bad habits and use good ones to our advantage. There is a lot of value in this book, both professionally and personally.

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