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Top 5 Environmentally Influential Places in the US

Teddy Roosevelt said, “I have always said I would not have been President had it not been for my experience in North Dakota.” I would not have my environmental perspective had it not been for these 5 places. As an environmental professional, I work to create a balance between a clean beautiful natural environment, human health, useable land, and productive facilities. Therefore, my Top 5 environmentally influential places are the following.

1. Southwestern and Central Pennsylvania, for its geology and geography. The old rocks, rolling hills and valleys, the landslides, the coal. It’s where I developed an appreciation for earth sciences. First, on my own spending time in those hills and valleys and second. Second, it’s where I studied geology at Penn State University.

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Top 5 Environmental Blog Posts of 2016


Yellowstone National Park. An image from my favorite post of 2016

Thanks to everyone who came to the blog in 2016. There was an 80% increase in readers from 2015. The blog continues to grow! Here are my Top 5 environmental blog posts in 3 categories: my favorite posts of 2016, most read posts of 2016, and my favorite early blog posts. I’d recommend checking out the lists if you came here for something other than what’s listed. If you enjoyed a post or one listed below, share it and spread the positive environmental messages.

My top 5 favorite posts of 2016

  1. Joy of the National Parks in Photos
  2. The World’s First Fully Solar Powered Beer Fest
  3. The Joy of Science & Natural History Museums
  4. What are HCFCs and their Connection to Costco and International Diplomacy
  5. Environment of Beer: Coors Brewery Tour

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Taking the Proper Environmental, Health, and Safety Training

Good or bad? A garbage can full of oil.

The proper training could have avoided this garbage can of used oil.

Warning: this article might test your knowledge of environmental, health and safety training abbreviations and acronyms!

As professionals in the environmental field, we may be exposed to hazardous work conditions, possibly radiological, chemical and/or physical. For some of us it’s a routine part of our jobs. If you are working around hazardous conditions, there is most likely a required environmental, health, and safety (EH&S) training course you’ll need to complete. Unfortunately, people often get inadequate information or misinterpret the course(s) they need. Depending on your job, the required course could be from a federal regulation, state regulation, a requirement of a client, and even individual job locations may require a specific course or more. Continue reading

Environmental Impacts of a Government Shutdown

Rocky Mountain National Park

You’ll miss a beautiful fall in Rocky Mountain National Park.

As of publishing, there is a threat of a government shutdown beginning on Oct 1, 2015. Some have put the odds at 75%. The impacts of a shutdown will be widely felt as progress, facilities, and operations across nearly all fields will impacted. This will provide you an overview of the environmental impacts of a government shutdown. This is not inclusive, but should give you a good indication of the overall impact. Continue reading

Environmental Interview I Wish I Had Done

Freakonomics Radio episode, How Efficient is Energy Efficiency?, is great. It’s an interview with Dr. Arik Levinson about his work on energy efficiency as an “environmental economist”. Dr. Levinson is a professor at Georgetown University and spent time as a senior economist for environmental issues with the Council of Economic Advisors (CEA) under President Obama. The episode is so good, it’s an environmental interview I wish I had conducted. This blog’s primary goal is talking with interesting environmental professionals about their important, relevant, and/or cool work. That’s this interview. Continue reading

Podcasts of an Environmental Professional

This blog is about the lifestyle of Environmental Professionals. I’ve written about what I’m watching and what I’m eating and drinking. Now here’s a look at what I’m listening to. I listen to several podcasts, often while I’m on the road traveling to and from job sites. None of them are specifically environmental podcasts. Although most of them touch on it with specific guests and topics. I have listened to a few environmental podcasts, but they weren’t entertaining enough to hold my attention. Continue reading

“Tribes” Applied to Environmental Professionals

Tribes, Seth GodinTribes, by Seth Godin, describes how significant change can be implemented by groups of people connected to each other by an idea, goal, or conviction. A tribe. The tribe doesn’t have to be co-located. It only needs something to believe in, a leader, and a place to connect. While reading, I was struck at how much Tribes applies to environmental professionals and this blog. Continue reading