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Environmental Interview I Wish I Had Done

Freakonomics Radio episode, How Efficient is Energy Efficiency?, is great. It’s an interview with Dr. Arik Levinson about his work on energy efficiency as an “environmental economist”. Dr. Levinson is a professor at Georgetown University and spent time as a senior economist for environmental issues with the Council of Economic Advisors (CEA) under President Obama. The episode is so good, it’s an environmental interview I wish I had conducted. This blog’s primary goal is talking with interesting environmental professionals about their important, relevant, and/or cool work. That’s this interview. Continue reading

Podcasts of an Environmental Professional

This blog is about the lifestyle of Environmental Professionals. I’ve written about what I’m watching and what I’m eating and drinking. Now here’s a look at what I’m listening to. I listen to several podcasts, often while I’m on the road traveling to and from job sites. None of them are specifically environmental podcasts. Although most of them touch on it with specific guests and topics. I have listened to a few environmental podcasts, but they weren’t entertaining enough to hold my attention. Continue reading