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From The Air: Yellowstone To Missoula

I always try to get an airplane window seat, particularly when flying over the mountain west. The dramatic changes in geography can be stunning. Flying over the Midwest is not as interesting. I’ve taken countless photos out the window of an airplane of geographic features and man-made structures that stand out. I even make sure I have the window seat on the right side of the plane. Sit on the wrong side of the plane and you can miss all the cool stuff.

The below photos are a perfect example of a great window view flying over the Rockies. Here’s a window seat view of the beautiful Rocky Mountains between Yellowstone National Park and Grand Teton National Park in northwest Wyoming and Missoula, MT. These photos were taken during two different flights at different times of the year. One from Denver to Missoula and the other a return trip. Enjoy Yellowstone to Missoula from the air.


That’s the Grand Tetons at the top of the photo, seen while flying over Yellowstone Lake. I had my face buried in my phone and almost missed an aerial view of these iconic mountains.

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Environment of Beer: Bayern Brewery, Missoula, MT

Fly fishing Montana

Bayern’s Dancing Trout keeping cool while fly fishing

Bayern Brewery in Missoula, MT has been brewing award-winning, traditional German beers since 1987. They’re not one of the new breweries on the growing-craft-beer-market block. There are a lot of great breweries, but very of few of them have the same strong commitment to a sustainability program.

I’ve been to their brewery and tasting room twice during my travels to Missoula. During my most recent visit with a co-worker, who lives in Missoula, he began telling me about their recycling program and other environmental efforts. As a beer drinking and environmental professional, I am interested in the “environment of beer” and wanted to know more. I didn’t want to miss this opportunity to drink some good beer and learn more about their environmental programs.

Their most interesting sustainable practice is that they recycle their own glass. Combined with buying back their 6-pack holders and/or giving recyclers trade-in value for beer, they recycle or reuse their entire packaging material. For a $3 deposit, you can get one of their Ecopacks to collect and return the bottles and 6-pack holders. They’ll even take back other qualifying beer bottles. How about that, beer drinkers? Bring back your bottles and 6-pack holders and they’ll give you credit for beer!

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