Top 5 Environmental Blog Posts of 2016


Yellowstone National Park. An image from my favorite post of 2016

Thanks to everyone who came to the blog in 2016. There was an 80% increase in readers from 2015. The blog continues to grow! Here are my Top 5 environmental blog posts in 3 categories: my favorite posts of 2016, most read posts of 2016, and my favorite early blog posts. I’d recommend checking out the lists if you came here for something other than what’s listed. If you enjoyed a post or one listed below, share it and spread the positive environmental messages.

My top 5 favorite posts of 2016

  1. Joy of the National Parks in Photos
  2. The World’s First Fully Solar Powered Beer Fest
  3. The Joy of Science & Natural History Museums
  4. What are HCFCs and their Connection to Costco and International Diplomacy
  5. Environment of Beer: Coors Brewery Tour

Top 5 most read posts of 2016

  1. What Makes hazardous waste hazardous?
  2. Thoughts on the CHMM Exam
  3. Best Meat To Eat for the Environment
  4. Environmental Art: Cold War Horse
  5. Swimming in Contaminated Water

My top 5 favorite early posts

  1. Contamination, Where Are You?
  2. Slow Death by Rubber Duck – Book Review
  3. Top 5 Environmentally Influential Places in US
  4. Tell a Story, an Environmental Story
  5. Do You Know Where Your Energy Comes from?